Saturday, May 26, 2007

after much hours elapsing. I am returned to this blog from mine. Already not nestled in America but once again in Brazil with family. Serviving in wifi pintfully, my days of apples and pensils long forever adieu.

I observed that my Caste de Coelacanthus blossomed in my absences. I only come again as manfests of the moment is piviting. I have to brave those traps of the death humming to bring up to date my pages of spoiling whimsy.

where is the flounder, might it ask for? Send to me bottles emiting me a message whenever you read this blogwater. I lost all my contacts! (in the eyes both)


após muita hora decorreu. Eu sou retornado a este blog de meus. Já não aninhado no americano mas uma vez outra vez em Brasil com família. Serviving no wifi pintful, meus dias das maçãs e os pensils long para sempre ido.

Eu v que meu Caste de Coelacanthus floresceu em minhas ausências. Eu venho outra vez apenas como os manfests do momento do pivitol. Eu tenho que bravo as armadilhas da morte humming e para atualizar minhas páginas deteriorando de whimsy.

onde está a solha, mim pôde pedir? Emita-me uma mensagem bottled sempre que você lê meus blogwaters. Eu perdi todos meus contatos! (nos olhos ambos)


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'll soon be back. I have no money to pay for home service but soon I will be employed again. I would have posted sooner yet I am too lazy to go anywhere to compute. Too much to do otherwise, fun overwhleming.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We ventured to Havre de Grace, Maryland to see the lighthouse and duck museum. We walked around town for a time. Was it cold? Yes! My hot blood still isn’t acclimated to the climate. The lighthouse was our first stop in the morning, just after dawn. We walked up to the lighthouse, to see if it was open. It was not, and there was this large fellow lying on the front steps, proving it. He was propped up on the stairs as if resting, but his head was thrown back strangely. We were not quite sure if he was asleep or dead. As I said, it was a shortly after dawn, not quite full light and few people. We discussed the situation for about twenty minutes, deciding what to do. I suggested we poke him with a stick and see what happens. Ursula was sweet; she giggled, worried that he might wake up if we poked him. I explained that in all likelihood he had been drinking the night before, passed out on the steps, and spent all night out here.

They do that here, especially in Maryland. They get inebriated and pass out anywhere, honestly. Ursula suggested that we go have breakfast and come back in an hour or so. If he hadn’t gotten up yet we’d call the authorities. I wanted to take a picture of him, to document the incident. It was a very humorous. The picture didn’t turn out that well because Ursula didn’t want me to take a picture and she was pulling on my coat. Here’s the picture. Isn’t it classic?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

sorry to be away. I have been writing a thesis of my latest sociological study. I have not been active other than to write. Mainly writing, reading, and rereading. In between those actives I find time to sleep and eat. I am into the proofing phase, then I send it off to scientific America for it to be rejected.

I have been writing a photojournal about Ursula's visit, Ursu as I call her. I will post those here, in the next couple of days.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I went to Brazil to visit for a few days and I return and find two excellent articles written in my absences. So it begins The Caste Of Coelacanth grows. I must start transcribing the voice of The AlMighty Cod who speaks to me quite often, mostly nonsense though. Most people tease me when I tell them I have a glowing fish floating around in my head. They say I am crazy but who can prove it. No imagination most people have but I do.

It was nice to be home. I didn’t do much but hang out with the mama and papa. Surprisingly, we when camping for a two days. That was new, so new that, papa burned the food over the pit fire.

My girlfriend Ursu comes to visit me in mid October. I am planning to take her to the Baltimore Aquarium and show her my cousin’s in the lobster tank lol. I wait no longer for her to come and visit.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I didn't do anything the last two days, expect follow a guy from antique store to antique store. We don't talk and he doesn't explain what he's looking for; I am there as impartial observer. He bought a plastic cookie from 1945 and a postcard of Marilynn Monroe in a hounds-tooth suit. That was in the morning. In the evening I went and did my own thing. I bought an apple, stuck a pencil through it and threw it across an apple orchard. Then I went to look for it - its like meditation.

No one has inquired about my caste of coelacanth. The flounder has not spoken to me in days even though he promised to put up that poem that was rejected. Dagon I have not spoken to either. I'll have to increase my productivity.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I went to the museum today, the (novo) delaware art museum and I was increasingly aware that security was following me from room to room. Not the same guards, and no matter what gallery I was in a guard would show up soon after.

So I walked around carelessly. Then I noticed two guards talking in the back of a bigger gallery. I casually walked over toward them looking at the paintings. I got very close before they felt uncomfortable and nearly ran from the gallery.

In Maryland, you don't have that problem. While you are in that state you don't see anyone for days. At the supermarket, the movies, the laundry mat. I am not sure any one lives here.